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    Ann is an awesome accountant and will be a wonderful asset to the college as a teacher this fall. Her students are in for a wonderful year. I have known Ann for over +35 years. She is dedicated and loyal to her clients and her new company as well.
    Charlotte Johnson
    "Residential Specialist"
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    Ann is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person. She was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her job. She functioned well as a team member and she worked effectively with other non accounting personnel.
    Tracy George
    "Accounting consultant"
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    I worked very closely with Ann for approximately two to two and a half years. I found her to be very smart and well qualified for the position that she held. I understand that she has taken even more accounting courses that should make her even more qualified for any position she might seek.
    Mike Alexander
    "Construction professional"
  4. Brittney Travis
    Ann Moore has been my financial and business adviser for over 3 years now since I began operating my own business. She has provided me with top up-to-date information helping me find resourceful solutions in a timely manner. She has excellent communication skills and can always find ways to solve any tax issue.
    Brittney Travis
    "Web developer, freelance design"